Sonos music system

I recently changed some settings on my local network which resulted in the Sonos app not being able to find the devices on my network, so I took the opportunity to reconfigure it from scratch.

Powering the Sonos down

The first thing I did was to go around the house and turn off the individual devices which would allow me to bring each device back online one item at a time. When powering on the first device I did a hardware reset which involves pressing the + and play/pause buttons keeping them pressed until the light flashes white and orange.

Using the app you should be able to re-add the device as a new device. I found that this didnt always work and after powering the speaker off and on several times I had to use Force Stop within Androids Apps & notification settings.

Sonos reset buttons on top of the Sonos 1.


Support Page

There are some helpful pages that are available which can assist in diagnosing problems, the main support screen is available by directing your browser to:


The page will be similar to the one below, I have selected the lower link which gives a graphical display of how your devices are connected. In this image the Kitchen device is connected wirelessly to the Basement device.

sonos review page which shows extra information about the whole system.