Well it's Saturday today, the sun is shining and there are some jobs that I need to get on with, first on the list is getting the bike clean!

Along with washing the R1200RT I need to do a couple of servicing jobs, replace the front brake pads, change all 4 spark plugs (although there are only 2 cylinders there are 4 spark plugs in total) I also need to check and adjust the vlalves.

Just a mental note to myself, the bike is showing 32,500 miles on the clock, so the next service will need to be around the 38,000 mile point which for me will be within 6 months I expect.

As a bit of a reminder to myself, one of the jobs that needs to be done is the removal of the fairing. This is relativly easy to manage, with 4 torx 25 screws to be removed from the middle panel above the fuel tank. Then each side panel is held in place with a further 4 screws the first is to the side of the front speaker, with the second being the higher of the 2 on the panel side.

The final 2 are accessed from the front of the bike and on the wheel side (if you have an RT and orient yourself you will be able to see easily. I will add a couple of photo's later.

Servicing tasks:

Wash the Bike

Engine Oil and Filter Change

Gearbox Oil Change

Replace all Spark Plugs

Adjust valve Clearances

Replace Air Filter

Replace belt for generator?

Visual Inspection of Hydraulic Clutch System

Check Front Disks for Wear

Check Rear Disks for Wear

Replace Front Disk Pads

Replace Rear Disk Pads

Throttle Cable Check for Free Movement

Check Tyre Pressures and Tread Depth

Check Side Stand Movement

Check Center Stand Movement

Check Light's and Signalling equipment

Function Check engine start Suppression

Brake Check

Checking synchronisation

Test Ride

Check battery charge state

A couple of the jobs are already complete, as I needed to change the rear brake pads just over a week ago. I didn't have the time to change the front pads, but I have them here ready to be fitted.